Content & Sector Analytics Platform

Born in 2016, DEWEY is our content and sector analytics platform. DEWEY is named after Melvil Dewey (1851-1931), an American librarian and educator who invented the Dewey Decimal System, a proprietary library classification system used to catalog large volumes of content dynamically in a highly structured and logical manner.

We created DEWEY to provide our team with the ability to consume huge amounts of content from software periodicals and news to understand the nuances of how concepts, categories, and companies are related and evolving through a data-driven lens. DEWEY throughout its’ life has read over 2.1 million articles (5 thousand a day) from more than 600 sources on all things software and technology. It organizes this information using an ontology of more than 100K B2B software terms, concepts, and companies taught by our team (and increasingly self-learned!). DEWEY allows our team to:

  • Run curated research across a focused universe of relevant content
  • Perform In-depth analytics on terms, concepts, and companies to better visualize and understand direct/indirect relationships and evolution
  • Identify new concepts and companies as soon as they begin to gather momentum

DEWEY has been on a remarkable journey since birth moving from being fed terms and concepts to identify to now fielding new concepts and companies from its reading through NLP and machine learning. DEWEY is pleased to meet you.

Reading is a mighty engine, beside which steam and electricity sink into insignificance. – Melvil Dewey