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Cyara Maintains 25% YoY Growth for Third Year, Adds Marquee Partnerships to Growing Network

Aug 31, 2021

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Cyara Maintained a 90% Customer Retention Rate & Released Industry-First Product Innovations

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – August 31, 2021 – Cyara, provider of the leading Automated Customer Experience (CX) Assurance Platform, announces today that it closed the second half of its 2021 fiscal year with 25% growth in SaaS bookings, a 90% customer retention rate and 8.5+ billion seconds of synthetic CX testing traffic annually. Cyara’s successful and unique approach to CX has resulted in expanding relationships with Amazon Web Services, as well as new partnerships in 2021 with Accenture, Capgemini, Cloud Tech Gurus, Cognizant, Infosys, Software One, Splunk and Twilio; and new customer experience assurance offerings, which enable customers to reap more value from the Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform.

Despite the COVID pandemic and economic downturns, which forced many companies to enable remote employees or shut down entirely if they could not, adoption of Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance Platform technology has increased due to the criticality of ensuring positive CX to drive business continuity during unprecedented times. In addition, the pandemic forced many organizations around the globe to accelerate cloud migration timelines to enable remotely executable business functions. Cyara’s automated testing technology allows contact center organizations to be confident about the functionality of their new cloud environments.

“The difficulties faced during the pandemic have highlighted the critical nature of contact centers when it comes to business continuity,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO and co-founder of Cyara. “We’re proud of our ability to ensure the resiliency of contact centers and support companies that seek to transform their operations through cloud migrations.”

Global Expansion & Growth

Across the globe, Cyara saw significant growth in new customers from industries including: biotech, e-commerce, financial services, government, health insurance, home security, medical devices, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, software transportation and utilities.

To meet the growing demand for automated CX assurance solutions, Cyara is continuing to invest in global expansion and seeks to deepen its international growth by expanding global staff in strategic functions by 30% since 2019. As part of this initiative, Cyara recently appointed Perry Gale as the new Vice President to oversee the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region (EMEA). Gale brings decades of sales and leadership experience to his new role at Cyara, having held leadership roles at, Nintex, Axceler, ICS Solutions and K2.

Cyara also deepened its relationship with Amazon Web Services as evidenced by acceptance into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner Program, as well as the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. Cyara is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an AWS Technology Partner. Cyara also saw a 10X YoY increase in sales through AWS in FY21, as AWS users adopted Cyara to simplify the process of migrating on-premise contact centers to the Amazon Connect cloud contact center while increasing the speed of the migration and improving quality through automated testing coverage.

New Features & Services

Cyara’s leadership in the automated CX assurance market was demonstrated when Cyara launched Call Explorer earlier this year, a first-of-its-kind automated record and replay solution for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) testing. Call Explorer is a web-based phone UI that testers can use to manually dial a call into their contact center IVR. In the background, Call Explorer is automatically and intelligently listening, logging, and documenting every aspect of that voice test call. From a single manual test session, Call Explorer automatically captures rich documentation of each step taken and creates a test script. This helps CX teams to rapidly build a comprehensive library of test cases that will never have to be manually dialed again, simplifying and expediting the task of call quality testing and helping enterprises achieve better customer experience with less effort, cost, and risk of human error.

Other significant product updates include:

  • Recent expansion of the set of platforms supported for testing of agent routing and data passing to include Twilio Flex, and Genesys PureCloud
  • Improved ability to quickly understand test results by adding transcription of failed test steps, so customers can quickly identify, by visually scanning the transcriptions, where problems occurred rather than listening to audio recordings in order to identify any issues
  • Simplified continuous testing with streamlined, self-service use of the Platform load test booking calendar, making to make scheduling and executing frequent tests faster and easier
  • Enhanced CX design capabilities with the ability to break customer journeys into smaller units or modules – important for supporting for the types of complex customer journeys many Cyara customers provide consumers
  • Extended Cyara’s technology integration offerings with the addition of Rally, allowing users to benefit from automatically generated Rally tickets based on defects uncovered by Cyara. Cyara auto-populates each Rally ticket with failure details, like recordings and screenshots, so ticket users can quickly identify, manage, and resolve discovered defects.

In the Fall of 2020, Cyara also launched Premium Support and Expert Services, two new service offerings that enable Cyara customers to reap more value from Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance Platform by assisting them in their DevOps, Agile and Automation journeys. Premium Support and Expert Services were created to supplement the standard technical and business support received by Cyara’s network of healthcare, financial services, retail, hospitality and travel companies around the globe.

Industry Recognition & Accolades

The recent growth in adoption and continuing success of Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance platform has been reflected in multiple industry awards and partnerships as well as industry customer satisfaction ratings, including:

In addition to the above awards, Cyara has completed its annual SOC 2 Type II audit, performed by KirkpatrickPrice. A SOC 2 audit provides an independent, third-party validation that a service organization’s information security (InfoSec) practices meet industry standards stipulated by the AICPA.

Virtual Summit Events & Presentations

On October 13 – 14, Cyara will host the 2021 Xchange Virtual Summit, a free, two-day premier CX-focused virtual conference featuring presentations, panel discussions, and sessions with CX industry legends and leaders, innovative peers, analysts and technology partners. The keynote presentation will be delivered by legendary sports icon, Olympic Champion and Hall of Famer, Sugar Ray Leonard, who will discuss how discipline, focus, preparation and innovation lead to success. Register for the 2021 Xchange Virtual Summit at the link here:

The upcoming Xchange Virtual Summit in October will build and expand on the themes covered during Cyara’s first ever Xchange Virtual Roadshow, a virtual conference focused on accelerating CX innovation. The event convened some of the most forward-thinking leaders on customer experience (CX) and test automation to discuss how some of the world’s leading businesses have solved their toughest CX challenges.

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