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Cordial Unlocks Unparalleled Personalization With Industry-First Data Offering

Apr 22, 2022

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Cordial, the cross-channel marketing platform for brands to communicate in personal, intelligent ways, today announces enhancements to its Enriched-contact Supplements and interface. Cordial Enriched-contact Supplements are an industry-first capability for marketers to personalize messages based on data-rich insights about their customers. Alongside the dynamic customer data capabilities, Cordial adds a seamless user interface that simplifies and leverages the power of data in campaigns for more robust 1:1 personalization within the Cordial platform.

Today, consumers expect personalized communications from the brands they interact with. According to research from the upcoming Cordial Cross-Channel Marketing Study, 77% of consumers feel frustrated when brands send generic emails and text messages that aren't relevant to them. With Enriched-contact Supplements, marketers can now import an array of additional data tied to a customer to enhance their contact profiles in the Cordial platform. By using all of their data in advanced ways to trigger more relevant messages to each customer, marketing teams can create more powerful campaigns that drive higher engagement and revenue.

"We've seen a rapid shift in what's possible with marketing activation in the last year- the winners being those who can use more than just customer data for 1:1 customer engagement," said Benjamin Dorr, COO of Cordial. "Supplements is one of the ways Cordial simplifies enterprise data portability, helping marketers unlock more business data and use the insights directly in customer messaging."

Cordial's Supplements also lets marketers manage and distribute promo codes and custom incentives tied to individuals' behaviors and needs. Cordial's upcoming Cross-Channel Marketing Study also found 89% of consumers like it when stores or brands offer them personalized coupon codes or discounts. Marketers can easily set up promo codes for each customer based on rich data and the action they wish for them to take.

"Cordial's Supplements allow us to deeply personalize the content within our messages which directly contributes to the revenue performance from our messaging programs." said Lucy Zhu, Director of Retention, Revolve. "Over $20M in revenue can be attributed to our use of Supplemental data just from triggered messages. It's even more if you count the impact it has to the personalization we do throughout the rest of our program."

Agile marketers at companies including Boot Barn, Eddie Bauer, and Forbes trust Cordial to accelerate customer engagement and provide a fresh approach to messaging and real-time data. For more information, visit