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Bongo Unveils New PhraseGen™ Technology to Platformb

Jun 14, 2022

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The software tech company's newest addition an "innovative" option for workplace learning

LOVELAND, Colo., June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Bongo, a video-based practice and assessment solution announces the addition of PhraseGen to their learning platform. PhraseGen is a patent-pending technology that adds another layer to the AI-driven Auto Analysis™ feature. PhraseGen uses natural language processing to generate recommended key terms and phrases, saving facilitators time and enabling better skills validation.

PhraseGen incorporates seamlessly into the Bongo user experience. Facilitators can upload any form of content with text such as white papers, product release notes, video manuscripts, or policy manuals and PhraseGen intelligently identifies key terms and phrases. Then, once a learner has completed their video-based assignment, Auto Analysis generates a report showing whether or not those phrases and terms were included in their presentation. Learners use the feedback report to develop their skills and improve their next submission. If the facilitator wants complete automation, the learner's Auto Analysis score based on clarity, filler words, rate of speech, and inclusion of keywords and phrases will automatically populate in the grade book.

"PhraseGen is a huge differentiator between Bongo and other video assessment solutions, in that it can quickly drill down to the keywords and phrases that matter to the topic at hand," said Josh Kamrath, Chief Executive Officer for Bongo. "Not only will this innovative solution inform the automated feedback and score that a learner receives, but it will also ensure that facilitators, instructors, and L&D teams can more efficiently and effectively prove that their learners have required skills. We are incredibly proud of our engineering and development team for this new advancement, and are looking forward to what they will be building next."

The PhraseGen technology is now available in the Bongo platform. To see PhraseGen in action, visit For a demo of the software's full range of capabilities, visit to schedule a demo.

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