Our Mission

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To be the partner of choice for growth-stage software entrepreneurs.

Our aspiration is to be the best companion to growth stage entrepreneurs looking to sensibly scale their business and capitalize on an awesome opportunity, full stop. Being the partner of choice for companies looking to add a stakeholder at a critical point in their development means that you have something impactful to contribute to the success of the business. It means you understand intimately the nuances of the company’s market opportunity and challenges and have seen the movie before. It means when the phone rings, you’re there to answer the call, hop on the plane, and roll up your shirtsleeves to get to work.

PeakSpan Principles

Expert Assistance

PeakSpan is exclusively focused on business software companies.

We invest in companies that serve the full spectrum of buyers from very small businesses to the Fortune 500.

We’re obsessed with identifying best practices, leveraging lessons learned, and helping guide our companies to great outcomes. Our team has over fifty years of experience garnered by partnering with almost fifty software entrepreneurs and we deploy this wisdom and experience on behalf of our portfolio companies.

Purpose Built For Growth

PeakSpan is all about growing your business as fast as you can – but no faster!

Whether it’s extending a product line, scaling your sales team, expanding into a new geography, or navigating a strategic acquisition, PeakSpan has a playbook.

Importantly, however, PeakSpan is firmly committed to healthy growth. We don’t push our companies to “grow at all costs” or invest in programs “willy nilly.” We believe that great companies scale sensibly on the back of an awesome product and well-orchestrated go to market strategy and encourage our companies to invest in programs that build a foundation of repeatable and scalable success.

Commitment to Every Investment

“Win Some, Lose Some” is not a page in the PeakSpan playbook.

We partner with entrepreneurs who have invested mightily in the success of their business and we take our stewardship of the companies we back seriously.

We’re passionate about building companies the right way as opposed to rolling the dice or shooting for the moon. We believe that resilient growth and value creation are the key to success and look to partner with entrepreneurs that share our philosophy. We appreciate the effort that went into building the businesses that we back before we showed up as a new partner and we commit to helping our companies reach the best possible outcomes while preserving as much strategic optionality as possible.